A Son of the Goddess is a Son I Can Dig

I’m watching folks express their frustration with Christmas and I totally understand how the materialism and difficult memories can get a person down, I really do. The son I gave up for adoption turned 29 yesterday. I hope he’s well.

That said, it isn’t really Christmas that is the problem. None of us have to go to shops or watch the tv or, if we do, listen to the commercials. This season has been one of the best for me. Can’t remember the last time I felt so loved. I just can’t. So many good people around me right now.

As a pagan who sometimes calls herself a witch, yeah a real one, I have to say that I am on the side of the rebel Jesus. Anybody who goes into the banks and money lenders and gives them Hell, a come to Jesus meeting so to speak, who goes against the status quo, fights against iniquity, organized religions, who says God is LOVE, well he’s all right in my book.

Happy Birthday Jesus. Thanks for all you do. 😉

P.S.  Protect me from your followers! Thanks Dude.

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