A New Year

Goddess knows I am looking forward to a new year.  I do find myself pondering the concept of a new year. Time itself is fluid and doesn’t actually recognize a new year per se.  There is no obvious demarcation between one month to the next, one year to the next, except a paper calendar (or for those of you in digital land, the little screens) page. So just because it’s suddenly 2011 doesn’t mean the lessons of the past years will suddenly stop coming and all will be easy. But. I do like the concept of a new start.

I am not comfortable with the idea of resolutions, I prefer a much more organic process so I very much hesitate to put things down, carve them in stone, but there are some thoughts and wishes I have for myself.

  • I want a more generous heart
  • I want a more healed heart
  • I would like to spend less time on the computer, when I start working the blog might suffer
  • I would like to have sex
  • I would like to have a strong love with a strong partner, Mr. Furnace is the likely candidate but I understand that this might be a process
  • I want to make more things, smaller projects, more wood stuff, more felt stuff
  • I want to finish some never ending projects, namely the Wheel of the Year wall hanging, the Roumanian peasant blouse, the Rabbit quilted runner, and my Rigid Container.  The Rigid Container is closest to completion and will probably be the first
  • Play more, get out in nature more, smile more
  • Considering less Craft and more craft.

Happy New Year! Welcome in the blessings!

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