The Waiting

Waiting… I’m getting better at it.


It’s been an interesting week on the job front.

I knew two weeks ago that I didn’t get a certain job I applied for, the signs were all there. So when they called me last week to schedule a third interview was kind of disappointed. See, I’m really wanting to manifest that one job, the plum. Being in a position to have to choose or accept a different position because I would be a total fool to say no to anyone, well I was trying not to assume and not to future trip, but it made me nervous.

So I had the interview for the plum on Monday. It well went but I’ve learned that it means nothing. There are absolutely no indicators that you did or did not get a job until they say you did or didn’t get the job. I had the interview on Wednesday, the third for that one job. It gave me breathing room. But things are getting interesting.

They told me that they felt my qualifications, especially technically, were superior to the position I originally interviewed for. They are looking at me for another position, one that would be the lead producer on their mobile/apps division. Holy Guacamole!!!  So we had a nice chat and I wait.

I’m in the running for both jobs.  They are both great jobs. Great for my resume. One will offer more money but lesser benefits than the other. The other will offer me great benefits and my seniority back. I wait.

I really hope that one of them offers me a place.


Mr. Furnace asked me a couple weeks ago to see each other exclusively.  Not that either of us were dating anyone else but it is a real step and it is is an agreement between two people.  After that he asked me to his parent’s home for Christmas Day dinner.  That is a real step.  Last week he said we are “official.”

Before anyone make the leap that I’m not acting like an independent woman or that this is old school or what the hell ever I have to say this. Mr. Furnace is, in his words, “an uber fixer upper.”  He is correct in this statement. I am an uber fixer upper too. We have been doing this grand experiment for 7 months now.  Holy Moly.  We still only hold hands and cuddle and stuff. But the kisses are no longer grandma kisses.  The steps of progress might be subtle to others but given time, like I have, I see the steps very clearly.  It is good. It is fabulous! I’m starting, just starting, to feel comfortable. To feel safe. I’ve never felt that in a relationship, not really. And there is still room for me to grow here, I am not fully comfortable or safe or trusting. But I’m getting there and I’m getting there honestly, slowly.  It is the right thing to do.


Dad is really starting to fail. Poor guy.  He knows when he’s confused and confused he really is. Mom is getting tired and I’m starting to get opportunities to help more, especially this week since she had cataract surgery. She has another one in 2 weeks. She can’t drive but there are other helpers. He remains mostly cheerful against the pain and disappointment of losing his mind. We are getting the social workers involved, we need someone to help us find options for home care and eventually outside living arrangements.


I’m working on the Rigid Container (search for posts). The final stages of gold painting and possible burning before final varnish.  Soon, soon, photos.

Over all a good start to the New Year….


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