Rigid Container

Yay!  The first project on the list of Absolutely Must Finish These Never Ending Projects List.

The top edges and the pentagram rim are painted with several layers of gold paint. The snake panel has a wash of the gold, as do the owl eyes, the stag antlers, and some dashes on the bee hive.

(clicky make biggie)

The plaques are outlined in gold and then with burned wood. Any shiny-ness between black and gold is just that. Shiny-ness.  Not an inability to paint within the lines.  The inside is solid gold paint. Very sparkly.

3 thoughts on “Rigid Container

  1. its just beautiful, mmmmm.. i love how you use the spirals.. just wonderful!! the gold really brings out the design .. Magic!!

    also i am still enamored of the bunnies you made for me.. mmm.. spirals and bunnies.. ok they are hares..but bunnies is much more fun to say..teheh..


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