Night 1/11/11

It didn’t escape my notice that I went to a funeral on 1/1/11 or that my first day on the job was 1/11/11.  For some reason it felt like an ending and a beginning… And obviously it was.

I had this scary thought last night.

“I can’t wait to get to work tomorrow.”

Whoa. Who knew. And yeah, I did it at 6:30 this morning through the snow… Something I have NEVER done. Not take a snow day… unheard of.

Sorry for the blurry. It was 10pm and didn’t use flash.  Don’t let the slice of blue fool you, that was a streetlight haze, not sky.

P.S. I had over 500 hits on the blog the other day, 30 is a good day.  That was interesting. Stat page said no particular keywords were found. Huh!

Midnight Snow

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