The Weekend Update

I actually have a weekend. It’s weird when you’re not working, weekends mean less.  And now here I am with tons to do and it’s Sunday. But I don’t dread Monday and that’s fabulous. I think I’m going to be happy here at my new place.  Why? Because I do not have to herd people, I do not assist people, I am not at the beck and call of crazy people. I go in, do what I do and do it well, nice people, nice environment (eco friendly office), and I come home.

I have said good things about a new job before so part of me is reserving judgement but this is diffierent, I can tell.  A friend said to me after I got fired again in August, “I’ve noticed that you go into a job and everything is peachy and then at the end you say things are not peachy.”  Meaning that I go in all happy and then I’m not happy at all.  She seemed to think this was a bad thing or something I needed to look at.  I told her, “hey, I’m very willing in the beginning to look at all the good stuff and to crow about that and be happy about that but when it is over, I’m also willing to say, you know, it wasn’t peachy at all, not even from the beginning but I was trying to give it positive flow and energy and stuff.”  Oh she said.

I mean come on. Should I really go into a new venture and make note of all the bad stuff or should I give it the best I can give it, warts and all.

See, I knew you knew me.  Warts and all baby until the ax falls…

Oooh and things are continuing very well with Mr. Furnace.  I’m keeping my car. I feel like a human, an adult human.  With a little bit of silly thrown in for sanity.

I start full time this week so will be a little quiet I’m thinking.  But I’ll get back to speed with you all soon. I am crocheting in my free time, a yellow and green doily that makes me think of daffodils and a bunch of granny squares in eggplant, dusty purple, dusty blue, and moss green.  Yum…

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