I’m energized.  Just energized.

Week two of the new job is complete. The design team folks went out to have drinks and snacks to welcome the newcomers. It was a total good time. I am working with really cool fun creative cheerful notcrazy wackjob people.  I work every minute of every day, not a minute to get bored and I love that too. I’m kind of flying on a pink cloud of happiness right now.

Who knew that leaving the university system I was in so long would bring me such joy.  Yes, I have less vacation and sick leave, that was a loss. But the gain is the awesome cool people and industry.

And yesterday I got all energized. I’m going to start working on Stitch Witch Cottage in my copious free time. I plan on making a wood burning tutorial with a gallery of some of my wood projects.  I’m off to get a couple new tips for my new woodburning tool right now.

Then domestic activity at home, must dust and wash dishes, vacuum and do a little laundry. Time to freshen up my altar, I’ve been avoiding it lately. Packed up all the stuff from the coven, let it rest awhile.  Working on clutter management too. Spend some time with the Mitty. Mr Furnace is under the weather so we may or may not have date night.

Life is really, REALLY, good right now.

I think this is Mara Freeman

1 thought on “Energized

  1. It is so good to hear of all the positive shifting bits of your life… I’m looking forward to your woodburning tutorial, as your artistry with that media is so lovely. The warm weather today had me fired up for spring cleaning. I hope Mr. Furnace feels better soon. Give Miss Mitty an extra (virtual) pat from me

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