I got the crud. I went in to the office yesterday because I wasn’t fully prepared to work from home. Got things in order and went to my boss to say, I’m going to work from home, and she was all, ack get out of here! work from home. And the policy of “If You Have A Cold or The Flu Don’t Come Here, Work From Home” was born. Love my job. Working from home when sick is so civilized. I can get a nap at lunchtime in my own bed, go make tea or soup, plod around in my slippers, fake it til I make it.

But nothing will keep me from my plans tonight. I am going to a book signing with Duff McKagan. Our ships passed in the night back in the late 70’s early 80’s but we knew all the same people, both here and in LA. He played in many local bands until going to LA where he famously started up the band Guns N’ Roses. He’s back in Seattle and sober and has a great story to tell. Read his book voraciously and am taking it tonight to get it signed and shake his hand. Mr. Furnace is going with me. Mr Furnace was the founder of Seattle’s famous Gorilla Gardens but left just before GN’R came to play their first gig outside LA. For the same reason that they thought it might be nice to burn the place to the ground. All kinds of connections.

Anyway, I’m going to try not to go all blank and stupid and talk to the guy. Kind of feel all fan girl at the moment… Jeez.

And just because I’m into it this year…. A little early cauldron of transformation beauty.

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