I am finding that I am changing. I am not grasping so tightly as us crabs are wont to do. And it is making a difference. I decided to let this situation find it’s own end in it’s own way. And it has. That gal has shown her colors, she has been showing them, but Mr. F finally let me in to his house and after I said what I saw, he opened his eyes. She is gone, it is over, I stayed by him and am here to help as he faces his own truths.

Oh happy day…

The afghan is moving along, most of the squares are done and ends sewn in. The slipcovers for the sofa cushions are cut out. I’m puttering around the house on this, a day off, nesting, making ready for the season of being indoors and being quiet and creative.

I am looking forward to the coming days…

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