2012 Will Be Totally Different – I Can Feel It

While the world continues to turn there will be problems, challenges, things we don’t like, some we can change and some we are powerless to stop.  Think Globally, act Locally.

2011 was the final year of the Great Purge.  I can tell.  At least in my life.  I have weathered the storm of personal dark change and upheaval.  Will there be other storms?  Of course!  I do not tempt fate so will say no more but so much has changed inside that I am not who I was.  And that is a good thing. I was fine before but now I’m extra fine.

I have some plans and ideas for 2012.

I was asked to put together a collection of wooden boxes and paintings for a gallery in Pioneer Square.  This is Seattle’s oldest part of town where an array of bars and eateries and also many many galleries live.  Do I have a guarantee? No.  But I have this little thought in my head.  If I build it they will come.

Two of my pouches were stolen from my art showing last month.  The entire building had lost power the same day that a Seahawks game was playing. Which left the entire building without security on the stairs.  A small laptop (our crapiest so there assholes) and two pouches were missing the next day.  These were my personal pouches from my two favorite decks: my wool “Mary Engelbreit” pentagram bag and my silk and beaded snake bag.  I figure some hoodlums got in and took 3 small things that they could trade for drugs or the like.

I wasn’t mad!  (wow!! Hothead me!! Not mad!!! Everyone else at work was mad for me anyway…)  I was sad.  I was disappointed.  I was grateful they didn’t take my Rigid Container.  I hung it with velvet ribbons that were looped through the box then secured with silver buttons with enameled thistles.  This hung from a wooden dowel with acorn caps.  It was lovely.  But big and bulky thank god.

So. I have work to do to replace the containers for my tarot decks and to start a collection.  I got 3 commissions from that show, plus the hope of maybe showing to the greater public on a Gallery Walk this summer.

I still have to finish The Wheel of the Year wall hanging (down to the assembly stage), the Roumanian shirt, another wall hanging (close), and a Samhain quilt I have been gathering materials for.

Looking forward to 2012 with Mr. Furnace.  He has tied up his loose ends and man, things have shifted significantly. I’m dying to hear how it all turns out!

Happy New Year to you!  Remember, the Mayans just got tired of projecting so far into the future and the stone carver quit or they sacrificed him. I can’t remember which…

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