Moon Drops and Dorks

and Julie Andrews singing cute songs about kittens.  Not really.

I had the strangest dream last night. I’ve been working on boxes, the tutorial, and busy at work and and and…. Just BUSY. I started taking these homeopathic lozenges at night to help me sleep and man, I sleep really deep AND dream. Moon Drops are the name. They Rock but I should probably not take them every night.  They work almost too well.

Last night I had this weird combo dream.  There was a weird sense of urgency and mystery going on, something to do with astral energy or ghosts or a creature or dragon or mastadon…  something big and looming out in the dark on the other side of the un-curtained glass.  Lights reflecting against the glass, I can’t see out but know they can see in, a very real sense of vulnerability nags at me.

I’m at what feels like a logging or summer camp and in the main lodge.  On tables against the walls are wood boxes of varying shapes and sizes and in a variety of stages of work.  Some are plain and waiting, some are half burned, some half colored, some finished.  There are all these people sitting on benches, all there to see my work, to hear me talk about it (eloquently, no pressure), and make me nervous as a cat on a ledge. The work isn’t done and I’m just not ready. I’m in my sweats because I usually work sitting on the floor, covered with dust and dirt, did I mention the floor is dirt?, and basically am a hot mess. Tres Chic. Tres Confident. Tres Dork.

I have dust up my nose and then what happens? Duff McKagan walks in! Har. And for some reason this thing I’m doing to a box that I never do, use a drill with a 1″ bit, goes bad and I have a hole through the bottom of the box I’m working on. Dork moment. He’s all cool of course and wants to see the boxes (I wish!). I’m walking around while I’m working on this box and trying to pretend I’m a professional and didn’t just destroy his box and talk about my work all at the same time. AND be cute. Fuck.  I wake up.

Only to find that the alarm is set to go in 2 minutes.  *sigh*  I still feel dust in my nostrils.

It’s funny really because:

  • I just finished reading the last book in the Graywalker series so that explains all the weird monsters and sense of creepy going on.
  • I’m working on a tutorial so talking and thinking about my process
  • I’m trying to get a lot of boxes ready for my etsy store
  • I am a fan girl about Duff, I so related to his recent book on his descent into hell and his way out, which of course always speaks to me of my own recovery and also my relationship with the torchbearer and guide out of the underworld, Hekate.  I related strongly also because he is from my town and many of my friends know him, although I do not, I met him once.

It’s no wonder I had that dream.  It was intense. In Tense. In Tents.  I know when I lay my head down tonight I’m going to be right there again, picking up in the moment I awoke, feeling the dream again.

I do that. When my head hits the pillow the dream I was having when I awoke that morning rushes back at me in full color, full sound.  Sometimes this is a good thing. Sometimes it’s weird.  All I can say is man, I’m glad it wasn’t a sex dream…  I think.

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