Another Tarot Deck Give Away

I fell in love with the deck Waking the Wild Spirit by Poppy Palin (don’t hold her last name against her!)  It’s out of print and hard to find in the U.S.  Poppy has a website though where, in Britain, she has some decks still for sale. I was so excited to receive it in the mail!  It was just the deck, no fancy detailed book, just a xeroxed handout with the meanings. One day I was going through my decks for inspiration and discovered that I did indeed have the full set, book and all!  The day I found it on a dusty, high shelf in a local occult shop flooded back to me. I remembered my joy at finding it for the original retail price and tucking it away on a shelf after looking at all the cards (the fate of many of my decks which I love but don’t use in the traditional sense).  Seems then I promptly forgot and went on a driven quest to get my hands on it.

The Cunning Man from Poppy Palin's deck Waking the Wild Spirit

So…. I have an extra deck.  Still sealed in the cellophane wrap. It needs a home, someone who will love it and appreciate its wild spirit.   You can still find the book alone for around $20 used here in the U.S. You can also buy the book from Poppy herself. It’s been updated this year which is always a plus.

My deck is not for sale.  You guessed it, I’m giving it away!

Leave a comment telling me something about your wild spirit and I’ll have a drawing on the equinox, March 21st, for the winner.  Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you!

6 thoughts on “Another Tarot Deck Give Away

  1. gosh you sound like me with tarot card decks, mind you currently i only have two decks. the Druidcraft which is all gentile and nice, and the Wildwood Tarot, which is more, umm.. more, errr brutal.. yeah brutal describes them well, well kind of, but i do like them.. whee!!

    as for wild spirit, i have currently been wildly sewing to counter the wild job hunting so all with the balancing perhaps? . actually, what i have currently been doing is drawing a card from my Wildwood deck and reading the meaning every morning, after i apply for jobs, and then again in the evening. it is quite interesting and proving for some thoughtful sewing times.. and some interesting insight throughout. it is certainly making for a much more conscious day, so to speak.. hmm.. how about wild birds? i have been visited by Kaka, a largish native green parrot, not the biggest in NZ (that would be the Kea) but a very similar bird, and noisy but their antics are very endearing. also Ruru, a native owl otherwise known as a Morepork cause its hoot sounds like its saying morepork..teheh and then yesterday by a Piwakawaka also known as Fantail, i was twittering away to it and then a second male turned up and there was turf war..*sniggers*.. the displaying was very cool, and they can get quite close as they are quite fearless, and tiny kinda like faeries really.. *grins*

    so there you go,, wild sewing, wildwood tarot, and wild birds..yay!!

    • Polly, you always crack me up! I love both the decks you have, I have them also. Perhaps the Wildwood tarot isn’t actually brutal but it is a natural deck, including tooth and claw with its rivers and woods, so like life there is some brutality and some ripping off of bandaids… The DruidCraft is the one I use almost exclusively and you can tell by looking at it.

      An aside, KaKa (or caca) here in the U.S. means *POOP*. heee

      Sending good job juju to you! May you find a job you with people you respect and enjoy like I did. Worth the struggle NOW but boy…


  2. I have been known to knit at the dinner table, talk to strangers in the elevator, dance on tabletops, bars and pool tables, and best of all, wear mixed plaid.

  3. Wild spirit hum. I think mine tends to come from working with children! I teach preK and a part of that is having the energy to keep up with kids mentally and physically. It gives me plenty of opportunities to be expressive and enjoy the vivaciousness of interacting and still being fascinated with the world around me. I really enjoy being a part of their discoveries and even making my own.

  4. I won the last deck,Thank you.So wishing everyone else much luck!it looks like a beautiful deck. Wild spirit? well I have been trying to reconnect with it after so many years buried away.Going to get a 2nd tattoo after 27 years from 1st one.

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