Herbcrafter’s Tarot

This is not a review, just a shout out to my friends who might enjoy the deck.

The Herbcrafter’s Tarot (see teaser video below) arrived a few days ago (thanks for the birthday present Mom!). The cards are a semi gloss but feel matte so they don’t slide too much, just enough. The art is gorgeous as always. Swoon. Can’t wait to play with it a bit more.

I have Joanna Powell Colbert’s Gaian Tarot and I just knew this new deck, the Herbcrafter’s Tarot, would be fabulous. The art, the spirit, the soul, the diversity… gentle reverence for The Mama’s children all around.

Funny thing about me and tarot/oracle cards. About once a week (or less) I will pull a card after asking the question, “what do I need to know right now.” I don’t do pure divination. For me the cards are just a jumping off point for personal growth but not in a See The Future kind of way. It’s rather amazing how spot on they can be for what I need to be working on that moment. I’m not what is now known as a Card Slinger.

For decades I collected tarot/oracle decks. I had dozens of them. I have most of the decks with art by Will Worthington, my favs being the Druid Craft and Wild Wood tarot decks. I’m also a big fan of the work of Jesse Reisch and Stephanie Law so I have the decks they’ve worked on too. Mostly I use them for art inspiration so when I’m considering a new project I will pick several decks from my collection and start looking through the cards for the spark. Tarot and oracle cards are a great way to collect some artist’s work and they don’t take up that much room. Sometimes I just need some comfort or direction or a meditation topic. It’s all good.

In The Great Purge of 2018 I got rid of a LOT of decks. I recently got rid of a few more. Now I have about a dozen, maybe 15, instead of 60 or more and this one had to join the curated few. It made the cut. I love that Cannabis is Strength and why they chose it.

This deck is easily in my top five favorite decks.  Enjoy and swoon, looking forward to autumn and tea!

Just in Time for Yule

The new tarot bags are complete and in the Etsy store, ready and waiting for their new homes…

Etsy Shop

Greenman Tarot Bag

Greenman Tarot Bag – Cotton velveteen lined with silk, embellished with faux suede leaves for a lovely 3-D effect. The hand made tassels are beaded with bloodstone and serpentine.

Serpent Tarot Bag

Serpent Tarot Bag – Woolen bag heavily embroidered with perl cotton and bone beads, the silk appliqued serpent crawls towards the velveteen world egg. Lined with linen, the handmade tassels are embellished with serpentine, horn, bone egg-shaped beads.

Spiral Tarot Bag – SOLD

Spiral Tarot Bag – Cotton velveteen bag, lined with silk, is hand embroidered with perl cotton and metallic threads, a silver pentagram bead in the center of the largest spiral. The hand made tassels are beaded with serpentine and quartz crystal.

Stag Tarot Bag

Stag Tarot Bag – the vigorous stag kicks his feet up as he bounds through the crisp autumn air, leaves flying into the air in his wake. Cotton velveteen appliqued with a velvet stag and hand embroidered with perl cotton and glass beads. Lined with linen with hand made tassels embellished with horn, amber, and glass beads.

Pentagram Tarot Bag

Pentagram Tarot Bag – woolen bag appliqued with velveteen leaves and a wool pentagram this bag is beautifully hand embroidered and line with silk. The hand made tassels are beaded with glass and carnelian.

Private Collection

Boline Tarot Bag

Boline Tarot Bag – Silk and wool felt applique, hand embroidered with perl cotton and glass flower beads, a sterling pentagram dangles from the sharp tip of the boline. Bag is lined with silk with hand made tassels beaded with glass and quartz crystal.

Soon Come

The construction phase of pouches is complete.  I just need to create a cord channel and add tassels.  So here is a taste.

The middle pouch on the bottom row is going to knock your socks off.  I’ve cut out tiny oak and birch leaves in 3 colors of suede for a 3-D Greenman you will love. The top two on the left are going into a private collection but the others will be posted in the Etsy shop this weekend.  Sorry for the poor quality image, my camera phone images only look good on the phone…

Another Tarot Deck Give Away

I fell in love with the deck Waking the Wild Spirit by Poppy Palin (don’t hold her last name against her!)  It’s out of print and hard to find in the U.S.  Poppy has a website though where, in Britain, she has some decks still for sale. I was so excited to receive it in the mail!  It was just the deck, no fancy detailed book, just a xeroxed handout with the meanings. One day I was going through my decks for inspiration and discovered that I did indeed have the full set, book and all!  The day I found it on a dusty, high shelf in a local occult shop flooded back to me. I remembered my joy at finding it for the original retail price and tucking it away on a shelf after looking at all the cards (the fate of many of my decks which I love but don’t use in the traditional sense).  Seems then I promptly forgot and went on a driven quest to get my hands on it.

The Cunning Man from Poppy Palin's deck Waking the Wild Spirit

So…. I have an extra deck.  Still sealed in the cellophane wrap. It needs a home, someone who will love it and appreciate its wild spirit.   You can still find the book alone for around $20 used here in the U.S. You can also buy the book from Poppy herself. It’s been updated this year which is always a plus.

My deck is not for sale.  You guessed it, I’m giving it away!

Leave a comment telling me something about your wild spirit and I’ll have a drawing on the equinox, March 21st, for the winner.  Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you!

Circle of Life Tarot ~ Contest

I was recently going through my tarot decks and culling. I have a lot of tarot/oracle decks. I don’t do much divination, I really have these as artistic inspiration. I have decided to part with the Circle of Life Tarot (there are more coming over the following weeks) and thought the best way would be have a poll here and then pick a winner.

This deck has been opened and I did look at every card but I have not used the deck or imprinted with it.

Circle of Life tarot by Maria Distefano

After completing the poll below, post a comment to this post and I will do a random drawing on Saturday Feb 3rd at 6pm for the winner. I will announce the winner that day.