Curvey goodness

I really am working behind the scenes even though I’m so busy at work things are falling through the cracks, like remembering to call friends back and reply to email.  OMG.  I love you! I promise…

Still a few finishing touches to complete but this one I’m kind of in love with.  I’ve tried different finishes for a couple recent boxes and the beeswax on top of color pencils has not been a success…  So will probably use 2 very fine coats of varnish and call it good.  That’s the way it is sometimes… As mus as I love the beeswax it just can’t soak into the wood when there is colored pencil so it sits on top creating a bit of a greasiness I find unpleasant so beeswax will be reserved for the boxes with no color just burn and wood.

I could just keep this box and not share….  I know I need more of this particular style as it really makes me happy, the possibilities.  It’s not basswood, I like it much better to work with, love the curved top… And wait until you see the sides!

So Mote It Be Box

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