Goodness this has been a long 4 months. And in 2 working days the slow month of August will be here, finally breathing room at work. Which means I will relax more easily once home.

I’ve been having some conversations with some witchy friends of mine from my past, from slightly different paths. We are talking about what we want now that we consider ourselves ready for something more meaningful, more focused, less focused, what do we want, who do we speak with, what flips our switch…. It has been a highlight for sure.

My left wing is still causing me some grief and I’m itching because drawing, stitching, burning, knitting, crocheting, all are problematic for me… But healing is coming soon.

I finally got it together enough to post my 5 newest boxes on Stitch Witch Cottage Etsy. Whew! They’ve been ready for several months I just wasn’t finding the energy to get around to it.

So Mote It Be

So Mote It Be

Witches Pyramid

3 thoughts on “Surfacing

  1. I have been Talking with some witchy and some not witchy but magical friends of mine of late about, well, talking actually. Something one of my not witchy but magical friends called communities of practice and i am going to add the word Resonance to the concept that is building of Communities of Practice and Resonance.

    you see i am quite happy to continue with my personal practice, and not particularly interested in doing things with a group as such or beyond what i am already doing, as such but i am interested in getting together with other magical practitioners who resonate, walk their talk and actually practice to discuss what they have been doing, to have those deep conversations about things magical.. to hang about with magical peers, so to speak.. *nods

    and yes it certainly has been a highlight *beams* a most excellent enlightening hightlight.. *beams more*

    umm.. yeah *grins*

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