The days are noticeably growing shorter and the trees are just gorgeous.  I’m off work this week and have spent the days plodding. Getting some creative things done, some house things done… but all of it plod plod plod…  Going to lunch with mom in a few minutes.  Life is good.

There is much to show you and I’m almost done with the embroidery on the pouches.  I prefer to get a bunch of the embroidery done and then create a production line for putting the pouches together, sewing the seams, adding the lining if there is one, then doing the cords and tassels.  I should have all embroidery completed tonight.  Perhaps I’ll have bags in the etsy shop by next week. I sure hope so, I’m itching to work on some other projects that are crying out to be born.

And speaking of waning I’ve decided not to accept commissions any longer.  The truth is I’ve never really liked them.  It feels like pressure to me.  I prefer to just plod and create and when it is ready it is ready.  Its not that folks don’t have some awesome requests.  They do.  For sure.  But I have a zillion of my own ideas knocking on my door and honestly I’d much rather play with them.  So, from this day forth until I change my mind, which may or may not happen, I will be focusing on my own creative cycle and just let things flow as they need to.  I have a lot on my plate too.  Dad is still in adult care, helping mom with the house, a very demanding job, Mr. Furnace, the gym (oh boy is that working me HARD), and my own creativity.  It is all I can do to carve out time for me and for me that means creating what is in my head.

While you wait to see the new bags, I thought I’d send you some mood music as Samhain approaches… The wheel is noticeably changing this week…. turn turn turn…

2 thoughts on “Waning

  1. Thank-you that music was wonderful, fantastic, dreamy. Drummer boy called from the outdoors and said the same.
    Good luck with the big move and the planning of it. I am in total agreeance with you about sentimental pieces that become albatrosses… ‘ if you love somebody … set them free’ etc as it sets yourself free.
    Love the websites you recommend too. I’m looking at retiring and must sell this house to be mortgage free. So all inspiration and ideas welcomed.looking forward to all textiles all day.
    Also wondered about the possibility of making patterns for your work and selling them, that way?

  2. I think Omnia is just an incredible band. Wish they’d come here but they seem to be dedicated to Europe for the most part. Either that or I’m just out of the loop which is quite possible. You can check them out more thoroughly here: http://www.worldofomnia.com/

    If you love somebody, set them free…. Great tune and a great line that actually enters my mind more than I let on. 🙂

    You pose an interesting , intriguing, and thought provoking question. Hmmmmm, this is definitely something worth considering! There are fabulous possibilities in that one question…

    Thank you and bless!

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