Harvest Blessings

Mr. Furnace and I had a lovely day.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to make the bed. We had a nice long drive up north then through the mountain loop highway, oysters for lunch, harvest farms and goaty goodness (always appropriate for Samhain), deception pass, ferries and home…  A nice little vacation from the staycation. And yes, all my “christmas” cactus are in bloom right now…  MY cactii are Samhain Cactii….  Of course they are!


The days are noticeably growing shorter and the trees are just gorgeous.  I’m off work this week and have spent the days plodding. Getting some creative things done, some house things done… but all of it plod plod plod…  Going to lunch with mom in a few minutes.  Life is good.

There is much to show you and I’m almost done with the embroidery on the pouches.  I prefer to get a bunch of the embroidery done and then create a production line for putting the pouches together, sewing the seams, adding the lining if there is one, then doing the cords and tassels.  I should have all embroidery completed tonight.  Perhaps I’ll have bags in the etsy shop by next week. I sure hope so, I’m itching to work on some other projects that are crying out to be born.

And speaking of waning I’ve decided not to accept commissions any longer.  The truth is I’ve never really liked them.  It feels like pressure to me.  I prefer to just plod and create and when it is ready it is ready.  Its not that folks don’t have some awesome requests.  They do.  For sure.  But I have a zillion of my own ideas knocking on my door and honestly I’d much rather play with them.  So, from this day forth until I change my mind, which may or may not happen, I will be focusing on my own creative cycle and just let things flow as they need to.  I have a lot on my plate too.  Dad is still in adult care, helping mom with the house, a very demanding job, Mr. Furnace, the gym (oh boy is that working me HARD), and my own creativity.  It is all I can do to carve out time for me and for me that means creating what is in my head.

While you wait to see the new bags, I thought I’d send you some mood music as Samhain approaches… The wheel is noticeably changing this week…. turn turn turn…

Golden Hours

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I had a lovely ploddy sort of weekend.  Got lots of domestic cleaning done, some fun organizing the garage, and decorating for Samhain.  The only ding in an otherwise gorgeous weekend is that there is a new stinky place from Miss Mitty and it is pretty darned strong from where I sit and write this.  So, nose to the carpet again while I suss out that little bit of unpleasantness.

A bit of cozy dinner and the first of the new BBC Sherlock episodes will nicely round out the last night of September….


Beautiful half summer half autumn days.  Beginnings, endings, topsy turvy.

We had a lovely day at the river last Sunday.  The weather was exceptionally fine.  Today I am plodding along, decorating for Mabon, starting to nest a bit.  Made a delicious loaf of pumpkin bread last night to top off a dinner of portobella mushroom ravioli with blue cheese alfredo, salad with tomatoes from the garden, and we ate it all too fast for photos…

Word press compresses photos terribly.  To see a clearer image, please click…