Harvest Blessings

Mr. Furnace and I had a lovely day.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to make the bed. We had a nice long drive up north then through the mountain loop highway, oysters for lunch, harvest farms and goaty goodness (always appropriate for Samhain), deception pass, ferries and home…  A nice little vacation from the staycation. And yes, all my “christmas” cactus are in bloom right now…  MY cactii are Samhain Cactii….  Of course they are!

2 thoughts on “Harvest Blessings

  1. Mr Furnace looks like he is having a bundle of fun with the cow face..tehhe.. love the photos!! yay harvest.. i have just gotten back from Melbourn Australia where it was warm and there were ravens.. *bounces*.. and a whole bunch of other stuff.. yay adventures!!

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