Tomorrow is one of the days

So, biopsy is tomorrow.  The doctor called to kindly tell me she has decided to only biopsy my right breast, not the left after all.  But she will take several samples of Miss Right.

Breathing, just breathing…  Plodding, just plodding…

One foot in front of the other, I’ve called off the added stress of making a bunch of Yule presents.  They will have to wait for next year.  This year, I’m giving myself the gift of as little stress as possible.


edit:  I’ve spent the last few days researching the possibilities, checking out my insurance (my insurance ROCKS), my disability pay options (which also ROCKS). Now that I am free to move in any direction I feel comfortabler.  I’ve looked the dark side in the face and found that I can accept that if it comes.


(or butt as Mr. F would say)

I want to live. I didn’t come this far through fire to have this be the end.  All is going to be well, I am going to be well.  I’m working with my trainer to boost my health with lots of macrobiotics, exercise, and a bit of a body cleanse.  I’m prepping myself to be strong no matter which way the wind blows but I fully intend to live to 100.

So there.

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