Poopyness round one

The poopyness has set in. Took all three anti nausea meds plus a pain reliever plus the pill to combat the bone marrow shot plus the mouthwash for the mouth sores I can feel starting. Pilled out fun… ate some toast so far so good. Mostly feel like I have the flu so not completely pathetic. Mostly want to avoid nausea and mouth sores, the rest I can deal with.



It helps to have the projects going. Little tiny stitches, one stitch at a time. Need to keep the oak from looking gloomy, then red pom is so cheery… little problems.

In addition to the tree of life I’m working on a box design. It is a large heart shaped box. I plan on having a dark burned background and wood showing through, no stain or color.


I do feel like I can do this. The fact that it’s 8 months long kind of overwhelms me but I can do this. I survived my 10 month pregnancy knowing every day that I was giving my son up, surely I can do this too. One day at a time… I have love surrounding me and that makes all the difference. Butt I may need new sofa cushions after this, there is a big butt print already. Turn and flip turn and flip. Mr. Furnance is really good at thinking of these things. He drives me, hugs me, rubs my feet, makes me laugh with the most sophomoric jokes, we have code words that are always good for a laugh. Mom is there with the food, this is the first day I don’t have an appetite. Chemo itself doesn’t make you loose weight, it’s the nausea or lack of appetite that do it.

We kind of have Valentines every day in some way. We make sure the love is right there… So grateful. Im such a lucky woman. I can be a cranky sick person so we’ve had some moments. He always accepts my apypolylogy.

I tend to leave little blurts on my Facebook wall more than posting here so if you’re curious and aren’t seeing updates here, check out my facebook wall. You will be assimilated.

Blessings all!!!

5 thoughts on “Poopyness round one

  1. Beautiful stitching, and the design for the heart box is going to be so lovely. I found something of yours on pinterest which brought me to your site. I do hope your nausea passes with ease. Now I am going to read more of your blog and save it to my favorites.

  2. Just have to say, I always mist up when I read your posts. I can hear the humour, the good- will, the strong spirit, the beauty. I feel myself laughing and living that part of the humour too. Turning cushions … now he attuned to you… you are strong, Its lovely coming to your world, all the things that rain on my parade just wash away and what is real and important are here.

    Take good care.
    I guess I can turn on my facebook, I go by another name there ….
    PS all the women I know who have had to fight this fight, have fought; fought well, and survived. You will too. You are strong. Embroidery looking beautiful.

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