Yup. Fell down went boom.


You’d think I had enough on my plate but noooo. The week I start radiation I fall and sprain my ankle but good. Crutches need to be used but for as short a period as possible My underarms are still damaged from surgery and the crutches can cause lymphedema if I’m not careful and the friction can damage my skin as we head into week two of rads. because as much as I need them I hate them. Mostly I really hate being dependent on anyone any longer…

I’ve got some new works in progress. Got this box colored and the sides complete. I don’t understand the flowers at all but I’m guessing they understand themselves just fine.



This is for a coffin box that I hope I get done before Samhain.  Inspired by a piece by Sheila Rayyan at Motherspoon I hope she’s flattered as this piece will stay in my possession. Sorry for the poor photo, I just can’t get around easy. Design in progress.



This one will be on a heart shaped piece for a wall plaque. Also a design in progress.


I’m healing well and once I’m more mobile I hope I’ll be more active here but it *is* hard to plan these things.

Blessings to you all as Mabon (equinox) approaches and fall fully descends. May your harvest be bountiful.

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