Stitch Witch Cottage on Pinterest

I have the cold/flu bug that’s going around. Sniffling, upset tummy/gastro distress, sneezing, exhausted, working from home, ugh. Are you sitting in bed or beached on the couch feeling like yuck? When I was sick going through cancer treatment I was very active on Pinterest. I was on a lot of drugs, some of them mood altering. Some of them I still take. In the hospital I had my phone plugged in at all times (they really need to do something about bringing connectivity closer to the beds, this was a dangerous setup, easily clothesline a nurse) so that I didn’t run down the battery because before, during, and after the hospital, I couldn’t sleep. For months. Just little naps.

I spent a lot of time doing tiny scrolls and going, “oooh pretty, pin,”  “oooh, pretty, pin.” I have a HECK of a lot of pins as everything was so darned PRETTY. Cozy Houses, DIY and Crafts, Fashion, and last but not least, tons of Witchy Goodness. Plus food. Not even going to lie. I was pinning up to 8 hours a day for the better of a year (well interspersed with Facebook cancer rants and posts and being cranky with just about everyone and napping and laying there trying not to puke or trying to get a walk in). But I spent a lot of time on Pinterest. What a fabulous thing Pinterest is. I find myself thinking, oh my Goddess, what would happen if we lost the internet or electricity or wifi? I would lose access to all the beautiful goodness that I worked very hard to save.


What really astonished me was how many followers I got over time. I follow a lot of people and I was very active but still. As of this moment I have 3,740 followers (and only 30 folks who read my blog)! I have exactly 22,496 individual pins. I do a lot of random searches, there is so much beauty that is there.  There is a lot of stupid there too so I really hope you find that my choices are excellent.


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