Pouch Goodness

How do I start? In this case the person I’m making this for gave me a few meaningful plants and colors to start off with. Mandrake, pomegranate, and brambles in natural colours, blues, greens, red.


My first draft was too big and too complicated (but watch for it to become an illustration for prints and cards).


The second one doesn’t have the fairy queen but it does fit and it will still be full of beauty and love and magick.


Then I hit the material inspirations. I look at the threads I have and what colors. These are a silk and wool blend from Caron Impressions and I love them the most.


At the top are vintage unspun or loosely spun raw silk gifted to me by someone who was a dear lady and she was inspired by my work. The silks were a family heirloom for her and I treasure them. In the little bin in the foreground are also silks, some caterpillar chenille, silk perl, and wired rayon and varies spun silks. Also in the photo is a little pin cushion I made from a Shepherd’s Bush kit. I’ve got at least six beautiful bell pulls that need to be backed and hung. Uh huh. Soon. Sure.


I just threw this photo in because I found them in the box. These small tools are called “embroidery shoes,” or half cone sticks and are specifically for creating things like bluebells and daffodils in stumpwork raised embroidery.


Some variegated cotton perl, hand dyed by Caron. You can see the pin cushion better from back in the day when I stitched kits and hadn’t discovered I could design. My first foray away from counted cross stitch on aida cloth and up to linen and silks. I was so inspired I couldn’t stop.


I probably won’t be using the red or emerald felt but the red deer velvet instead. The little purple mandrake flowers, the beads for the pomegranate and the berries. A needle case carved from the leg bone of a cow or deer, something big, it’s glorious. A lucet for making the drawstrings.


This color is way too pink, the actual color is a deep rich blood red. I’m going to use the stag heads for the pomegranate sides if they’ll fit.

So just a little peek. Things are coming along as I deal with yet more heavy health issues but I will have more quiet time for at least a little while we figure things out. Tonight I cut out the applique pieces.


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