Meme time

Astrological Sign? Cancer with Gemini moon and Libra rising.
Chinese Astrological Sign? Earth Pig
What are you currently setting your intention on or praying for? be the best me I can be
Who do you pray to? myself, everything, the source, the All and sometimes Hekate *wink*
Do you believe God created humans or humans evolved from primordial goo? who created the goo? that’s who
What is your mantra? be the best me I can be
Do you believe in Sin? Do you believe in Evil? not with a capital S or E. I think sin and evil are earth judgement concepts and don’t really exist in the All. Concepts like Sin and Evil keep us thinking we are all separate and that some are better than others and that is not true in my viewpoint.
What do you do when you see 11:11? smile. I like 080808 for the Olympics this year too. The rarer the better.
Do you believe in Angels? You bet. On Harleys. Seriously
Do you believe in God? If so, what does God look like to you? You. And me and them and the trees and the clouds and worms and the bigots and creeps and the flowers and the love the love the love
Is there an aspect of your religion/belief that you haven’t made up your mind about? uh, YEAH. Duh. My conception of things changes all the time. Sorry that was snarky but doesn’t yours?
Is there a religion that you don’t follow, but deeply respect or admire? pretty much all of them and yet none of them. I respect some of the teachings that inspired those religions but once something becomes a religion I think it loses its purity
Who has inspired you the most on your spiritual path? Sober alcoholics, the “dregs” of humanity finding their way to their spiritual center
In your opinion, what is the worst mistake we make, as a species? believing we are the only species of value, in fact that even members of our OWN species have no value. The great ME, the great I I I Them them them when it is Us Us Us. There is no separation. But then I don’t believe in mistakes either.
What is something you would like to believe, but don’t? I don’t think there is anything. I believe what I believe because it IS what I want to believe. Just like you
Do you believe in soul mates? yes but less on the romantic level (although they are there). I think that we have many soul mates and that we enter into agreements between lifetimes on how we will teach each other lessons. In many ways I think we are all soul mates, there is no separation.
Reincarnation or heaven? yes Heaven between incarnations and reincarnations, a place where you don’t pluck a harp but where you plot your next interesting life movie. And hang out with folks you haven’t seen for awhile
Best “ah ha!” moment/epiphany? I want to be alive (moment of clarity when I got sober)
Required spiritual reading? get your eyes out of the books and take a walk, talk to someone you don’t know
If you could pick, in your final moments, what would your last words be? Wow. catch you on the flip side! I wanna go again!
Advice for a lost soul? You aren’t lost, you’re exactly where you chose to be. Sorry. Wanna be somewhere else? Then be there. It sucked when I heard it too. Turned out to be true and didn’t hurt so much once I figured out how to do that.
A song that encapsulates your beliefs?

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1 thought on “Meme time

  1. I loved your answers 🙂

    Hi Grace!
    It was your answers that forced me to sit down and really think about my own. It’s kind of cool to do this type of thing, see where you are at in the moment.

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