Cancer for the week

Lewis Thomas was a physician who wrote elegantly about biology in books like The Lives of a Cell. I want to bring your attention to his meditation on warts. “Nothing in the body has so much the look of toughness and permanence as a wart,” he wrote. And yet “they can be made to go away by something that can only be called thinking . . . Warts can be ordered off the skin by hypnotic suggestion.” Thomas regarded this phenomenon as “absolutely astonishing, more of a surprise than cloning or recombinant DNA.” According to my astrological reckoning, Cancerian, you currently have a comparable marvel at your disposal. Using the power of your mind, you can shrink, dissolve, or banish a wart-like vexation.

Well, that is certainly good news. Because if anything is a wart in my life at the moment it is the woman I referred to yesterday. Yes, I hold my ex partner accountable (this did not have anything to do with sex btw, just so that’s clear). Yes, he brought the interfering woman into our lives. But I had feelings for him. I never had any for her and she declared me her enemy before ever meeting me. For no reason of any kind. I have no idea why. I do know that he did nothing effective to dispel her from that belief. And even today, it appears they are still friends. After all that happened.

But I think that might be changing. I know that 5 months ago I did a banishing ritual to keep her away from me. It appears to be weakening which is not surprising as I gave a timeline of 6 months. Time to renew it since obviously there is need, again away from me only. He wrote me after yesterday’s blowup and said that he doesn’t want her there either. Perhaps between the two of us, we can make that so. So Mote It Be.

I love that this physician refers to what us witches know as wart charming. That this is valid through thought. As a child I had terrible warts on my hands. Weekly sessions at the doctor trying to burn them off. Oh, the pain. Finally a physician’s assistant took me aside, got out the heavy duty shit and burned them for so long that blisters formed underneath them and when the blisters healed the warts fell off. Leaving huge holes that it took quite a while to heal. I was a potter at the time and that was fun. But the point is, eventually the rememdy was found. It was so incredibly painful that I could hardly bear it but it worked.

I find this to be a fit metaphor for what is going on right now. And I find it contains a hopeful message. She will be out of my life for good, at least in spirit. Perhaps she’ll feel uncomfortable because of the renewed banishing and not have a good time and never come back. I think from now on, instead of calling her SNIB (Skanky Nasty Interfering Bitch) I will call her Warthog, or Wart or perhaps Warty Bitch for short (or is that long).

I realized today that keeping a link to my old blog that still contained all the pain from the past year, which included a breakup, a family death, and the end of BFF, that it was still poisoning my life. I have deleted that account completely, removed the link to it in my link list and removed the reference to it in my About page.

This Sunday is the full moon. In Scorpio. A good time for endings, protection, and new beginnings. So Mote It Be. Wart? I have a banishing powder with your name on it. Just try and come by my booth at the faire. Just try. Just give me one reason to out you in public.

Reader, did you think that because I can be compassionate that it is my way? Sorry. I’m still human. I find it easy to be compassionate with those who I love or who I don’t know. I have a long ways to go to find compassion for those who hurt me on purpose. And it appears that I plan on giving her stuff back to her on a plate. But mostly this is about protecting me, not hurting her. If I protect myself well, the rest shouldn’t be an issue at all.

5 thoughts on “Cancer for the week

  1. So interesting about the warts. I also had a huge wart infestation in my late childhood. I still bear scars on the two which were burned off. After they were burned off, they appeared everywhere, around my nails, fingers, elbows, knees and legs.

    One day, they all started to fall off. Magically. Without any medicine. I think I was about 12. Maybe it was the start of puberty and a chemical change in my body triggered it, but I can barely remember that I thought about a wart being gone and then it softened and just fell off.

    Here’s sending you healing thoughts so all your ‘warts’ soften and dissolve into nothingness.

  2. I feel your energy reading this, it gets mine spinning too, I am not sure how exactly to say this, if you want to reply in email feel free.
    When we are in a place of our own power (which has nothing to do with spells or rituals or charms or anything outside of ourselves) then nothing can shake us, nothing, I mean nothing. Not total cows who want to get you or gossips or negitive energy in what ever shape or form you think is coming to you.
    The thing is being in a place of power for me is totally different to what I thought it would be like. It is being completely open and vulnerable (yes very scary and I am still learning how to hold that place for myself) and it is putting my own self first in all situations (not in a selfish way but in the sense that if I don’t heal myself first how can I heal anyone else). I find as I learn to be there for me I realize I can look after myself and old fears and hurts will clear with time.
    The thing about other people is that we attract them to learn from them and if there is an emotional reaction to someone then there is a hurt in us we haven’t healed yet. A fear, old wound from childhood, so we project outwards in order not to look inside..
    I don’t know if this sounds harsh or not to you, its not meant to, I have been learning this process for a couple of years and I can see clearer now how I attract things to me, how all of my actions and choices are my life right now and it is possible to drop them all in an instant and change my life for me.
    I can see clearer that negative energy from others is coming from their fear which is so strong they cannot break it.
    I don’t want to live in fear, I choose to leave it behind. Its like leaving an addiction behind. On one side is pain and control and frustration and fear and on the other side is freedom and lightness and open skies.
    Good luck sweetheart… Its not about her but a chance for you to really discover something about yourself and heal it. you can do it.. XXX

    You are right to a degree. And it doesn’t sound harsh. But she also attracted me for a reason and I suspect it is for the purpose of learning of a lesson. And this is the lesson SHE must learn.

    This is about the reality that there are consequences to one’s actions. And the consequence to her actions is to ban her from my spiritual group, especially in circle. I am not living in fear, in fact, I’d forgotten about her until I received the ex’s email. She is going to be punished. Period. She may or may not show up next Saturday and no matter. But I will be making a stay away charm that is for sure. She will not touch my pouches for sale.

    Part of taking back my power, IMO, is to use it in the ways available to me and what I have to hand to create my reality. If that means a banishment to keep her away, then fine. But in no way should that imply that because I take those measures that I am not living in my power. On the contrary. It means I have living fully square in the center of it.

    And paybacks are a bitch.

  3. I’ve cursed a few warts in my day, and they shrank and fell right off. In fact, the last two I’ve had I did that. LOL Warts are an interesting energetic manifestation….Louise Hay calls them “little expressions of hate”. Hummmm. When they show up on our hands…the symbols for how we ‘handle’ our life experiences…it would seem sort of logical that if we are harboring any sort of hatred towards a situation…our ‘handling’ of that situation might manifest as a wart. Mine showed up on my shoulder and on my hand: The other energy center that represents our ability to to carry out our experinces with life, and reminds us that we can make a ‘burden’ out of life by our attitudes. At the time, I was really struggling with resentment and ‘hatred’ about my job, about having to do everything myself, etc.

    I was just reading some interesting stuff about this full moon (we actually get two Scorpio full moons this year…the next one is in May). It brings up all the ‘stuff’ laying under the surface of our consciousness….all that hidden crap that, maybe, we haven’t dealt with. I’ve personally gone through a really WEIRD emotional week…and knowing this has helped me to look at it.

    My friend, Nila, encouraged me yesterday with this: When these emotions come up, ask yourself two questions:

    1. Who’s ‘stuff’ is this?
    2. What lifetime is it from?

    Maybe it will help you too 🙂 HUGS

    I was taking the warts to be metaphorical. *laugh* See my reply to Cliodhna to see my opinions on this. I am decidedly taking a less New Age approach to this matter at hand. *wink*

  4. Hi! cool, discussion!
    Ok let me clarify also, just because I want to clarify it for me and also maybe so I can explain better where I am coming from. I have done banishing rituals, spells to reclaim what is mine, I do tarot, circles, I suppose I have thought of myself as a witch though I have a long time sought a path past the use of symbols and rituals to something simpler, in myself, path of direct from heart. I don´t have formal training or belong to any coven or group of witches but all us women of power are witches and we all have power to use as we choose and it is for each of us to choose our path.
    For me, (and this is me) I realised that any energy I spent on someone was a connection, banishing, uncomfortable energy whatever, it was still a conection that I was holding because it was my intention and my energy I was putting into the spell and sending out into the world to do my will. That really the people in my past I had been hurt by I let them in and I was so angry at myself for letting myself down, for letting them hurt me and I had to heal myself and promise myself never to let anyone do that to me again. To protect myself.
    This includes not letting them in my space and not allowing them near my stuff but it kept coming until I managed to face my own anger at myself. So I wasn´t saying don´t protect yourself that is very important but I guess I was saying that these people can be very valuable to us to learn where we need to heal ourselves and for me I have to let go of needing to change them, they can live in hell, thats their choice, I have to let go of the need to control the world through my power and let it reveal itself as it wills.

    and I am a BIG manipulator control freak ¨:)

    guess this is how I reacted to your story, it is my biggest battle to let go of the world and quit trying to control it
    good energy no matter what happens at the festival, x

    hey, also just a thought, have you cut your energy links with your ex? You know the links from having sex with someone? if not you are still dealing with any emotional stuff he doesn’t want to deal with and any stuff from her might be coming through his link, I don´ñt know the story so ….

    I get you and I appreciate what you are saying. I even agree, a banishing is a connection. But I did not say I wanted to do anything but make sure she doesn’t show up in the same places as I do. Without the banishing, she always does. That’s all the information I need. What is right for you, in this case, is not right for me.

    Regarding cutting links, especially the sex links. Girl that was the first thing I did. *laugh* The FIRST THING. Boy howdy. I cleansed that bedroom and other places within an inch of their little astral lives. I figured I got it all when at the end of burning all the love letters, the one with a little recording/speaker in it went zinging out of the fireplace around the living room making sad little screeching and moaning noises. *laugh* Oh, yes, those links have been cut.

    But. That BITCH??? is banished. Period. End of discussion.

  5. LOL , funny about the tape recorder, I love when stuff like that happens.
    I remember when I got my ties cut, man, I felt like a ballon that just had been let go for a few days, amazing. I remember passing a guy that had really hurt me and I didn’t even register him, I sailed by and only that my friend told me I had passed him I wouldn’t even had known.

    *laugh* Well done. I did feel lighter. And I could breath in the bedroom again. And sleep. I hadn’t been able to sleep for the duration of the break up drama and suddenly, out like a light. 🙂

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