New Inspirations

I’ve been mulling over what I want to do next project wise. Besides working on a couple private projects for a couple of friends. I’ve always got a lot of irons in the fire and there just aren’t enough at the moment I guess.

Yesterday I felt compelled to browse a local fabric shop (great stuff, high prices) and found the cutest little felt bag. They had three styles. A small shoulder bag (black) and two different sized totes (2 shades of blue). I just had to have the black felt bag. Part of me feels bad about the carbon footprint on it, it is made in Nepal. And part of me feels good about supporting some felt workers in Nepal. *sigh*

It’s so cute, screaming for embellishment. I might have to get a couple of these to embellish and sell but this one’s mine…

I also have been working on sketching up some designs for more bags. I pulled out my favorite tarot decks the other day and selected cards that have motifs and designs that speak to me right now. And started making them my own…

The next two motifs are from the DruidCraft Tarot, my all time favorite deck to date. I own many decks and this one rocks my world. I just adore Will Worthington’s work (Yay he finally got a website up! hand made tempura on gessoed planks fer crying out loud!). He and Philip Carr-Gomm, of OBOD fame, have collaborated on a new deck, due out this year, The Druid Plant Oracle. There is also The Druid Animal Oracle. So his work was the first thing I pulled for inspiration. These two motifs are just little itty bits, one carved on a post and one carved in a mossy rock in the backgrounds of a couple cards. You have to look for them. His work is so layered, so deep.

From the Gundestrup Cauldron but I got it from the Celtic Wisdom Tarot, another favorite deck.

From my head…

This cauldron will be getting one of my new copper pentagrams. Little by little I will begin using little metals bits I made myself… And this will be the first place. It is a simple little design but what I’m seeing in my head is very vibrant and rich… yuuuuummmmmy.

I feel the need for blackberries on a pouch. This one might be a keeper not a seller. This is another yummy one I think. So much potential for fun, and expensive, embellishment.

1 thought on “New Inspirations

  1. Love the new ideas! I still don’t know what I want, but if you are going to be making me something, I’m going to make sure it is beyond outstanding! hehe!

    And I’ll do what I can to make sure it meets your expectations!

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