Spring Redecorating

A few changes around the ol’ homestead. Must be all the spring stuff I’m doing at home bleeding over into my virtual home…

As you have noticed the appearance has changed. I have also added a couple of new permanent pages. Comments. Events. Textile Gallery.

The other thing I’m doing is going through the archives of my old blog and bringing over posts and photos that I know I will want to access again one day. There are lots of “new” posts in the categories for the times when you are bored to death at work and simply must fritter it away reading about my little life. *wink*

I am a tad concerned about the Comments page. The creation of this page is not directed towards any one person or incident. I’ve simply become very aware that I have a dangerous hot button about certain things. The best thing I felt for me to do is to let you all know that the hot button exists and to give you a map that allows you to walk around the land mine. It is my fervent hope that you will not take this personally nor take it as a direction to simply not communicate with me. That would be a very sad thing as I’m so enjoying getting to know so many cool and interesting folks and staying connected with folks I’ve known for some time.

I have found that it’s best to understand where the boundary fence is BEFORE you crash into it in the dark.

See how hard it is to see? Even in the daylight? So I thought I’d give you all a red flag too.

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