Oh dear. I’m having a very bad afternoon. The morning started off stuffy and what not, a little headachy but I got that taken care of. But things have plummeted. The worst day for awhile.

My muscles across my upper chest, right below my neck, hurt like a sumbitch. With every breath. Or not breathing. Painful twinges in my arms, can barely stand up, and my knees are killing me. Just get me through two more hours then home to a hot bath, some hot tea, and a painkiller. I really want to accrue some vacation so I can have one this year.

Most days I forget that I have fibromyalgia but not today… This is a tough one.


1 thought on “Fibromyalgia

  1. I hope you feel better really soon, beweaver! Sending you all the best.

    Got better in the evening thank goodness. Today is another day, achy but another day. *wink*

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