I probably wouldn’t mind my boss so very much if I couldn’t smell his halitosis from 5 feet away!!! OMFG… Unbearable stench that lingers after he’s left! I had to put my hand in front of my nose and mouth it was so bad. Mints dude. They are cheap and easily found just about any where…

1 thought on “OMG

  1. Unforgivable in any colleague and especially in a manager. I know someone who had this problem and it took years for them to accept that people weren’t just being nasty to them – they actually stank! Cruel, really; apparently if you do have halitosis, you can’t smell it yourself…

    How do you solve this one? Tricky!

    I know! How do I tell him? we already have some issues to iron out. Oh, and by the way, in addition to the fact that you’re an idiot, you stink? hahahahaha. I wish. But I’d get fired I think.

    Me? I eat mints all the time. I’m terrified I might have halitosis. I know his wife and I don’t know how she can stand it and why on earth she hasn’t told him!

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