My “Studio”

I felt much better last night and got quite a bit done. Read the Alignments for The Well Worn Path tarot and the Teachings for The Hidden Path tarot. I love these two decks and generally combine them when I do a reading. But decided to go through in sequence and understand the story. Folks interested in tarot and Wicca and Wiccan tarot might enjoy them too.

I took some pictures of some commission designs I’m working on (yay!) and then took some photos of my working environment. I live in a very small one bedroom apartment. It is long on charm and short on space. Sometimes I find myself very frustrated when I have to pull out the ironing board one more time or set up the sewing machine AGAIN. But for now it’s just the way it is.

I sit on my couch surrounded by the stuff currently in process and “watch” movies and snuggle with Miss Mitty. Sometimes she reminds me that I’m being negligent and to get busy paying attention to her, sometimes she dreams the evening away. You can just see her eye opening preparing to give me The Evil Eye because I, that crazy woman, am once again taking pictures of She Who is a Mystery.

This my work table. My coffee table. My foot stool. My dining table.

Details: tarot art inspiration, design notebook, works in progress, tools

Work in progress. This shot actually does the fabrics justice for once. Maybe I’ve been trying too hard…

1 thought on “My “Studio”

  1. Ok…I’m going to have to get the first deck now. LOL Sheesh, just when I thought my deck addiction was in control πŸ˜‰

    I love the feel of your space πŸ™‚ AND all the stuff on the tables makes me just want to root around and see what’s all in there! πŸ™‚

    The cards are great inspiration for you then? I’ve been playing around with the idea for my own deck, for the last couple of years.

    Maybe “one day” I’ll sit down and do that! LOL

    I should have been more clear. It was one table. That acts as all those other tables as needed. That’s it. My coffee table. *laugh*

    The cards are a great inspiration to me. I have about 20 and I pull them out and look for symbolism, colors, ideas, concepts and I let them bubble around in my brain. They are all hand artwork cards, I don’t care for the photographic or digital tarot that is popular these days. Some of them use I for divination but mostly there are inspiration. An art collection…

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