Dreaming ~ prophecy?

Last night I had a dream. I dream every night really. But most of the time they don’t strike me as important and I let them go on about their business. The next night when I lay my head down on the pillow, there are wisps of the previous nights dreams speaking to me. If I need to catch one, it is there.

But sometimes, SOMETIMES, one hits me and is so intense it feels either like a real event on the other side of this world or it feels like it did last night. Like prophecy… Prophecy of absolutely no import to anyone but me. Yes, I dream like this and yes I have those thoughts while I’m dreaming them. Do you?

The dream

I was with some friends that I know from my recovery program who also know I’m a Witch. It was harvest time. We were at a gathering with merchants, stalls, campers, strollers up and down the road outside of a small town. The autumn colors were very intense throughout the entire dream. Lots of golds and oranges and reds. And white (whipped cream, why do I remember that? And eggs and chickens but I get ahead of myself)…

We stopped at a very interesting truck/camper set up. My friends knew the owner. I met him and knew he was a possible partner. He was older than me by about 10 years. The years hadn’t been as kind as they could have. He was about my height, husky as my mother would say, red hair, stubble, quiet and shy. I got a tour of the camper and was told that we could use it as our base while we checked out the harvest festivities.

Someone in a huge truck drove up to the camp with about a zillion eggs in crates, all in their own little protective cup but just boxes and boxes of eggs. The potential partner had ordered them. Everyone got very busy stashing the eggs about the place so that they would last him through winter. I was astonished thinking about where on earth he was going to keep them all in this little teeny truck/camper combo. Really small, a bed and a counter and that was it. I do get a good look at this fellow and it is clear his health is poor. He wants a partner but will he be around long enough to be one himself? I think he’s cute and sweet but will he LAST?  Will his EGGS?

During this time the red head and I are giving each other shy looks, both of us wondering, is s/he the one? Lots of sexual energy going on.

We (me, my friends, and the red head) start walking through the merchants. There are pumpkins and home baked breads, halloween decorations, pastries, all kinds of lovely autumn goodness just overwhelming the senses. I can still see some of the halloween decorations I picked up. I can see their texture (primitive papier mache for one), their colors. I’m particularly found of quaint halloween decorations but I’m not buying anything.

We leave that one merchant and come across a man who is tall, dark, and handsome. Trite I know but he was. He is outside with a long trestle table for his wares. Stuff fills the table and overflows to the ground around the table. I can see the aged plywood under the harvest veggies (?) Sparkling chocolate eyes, short wavy brown hair, big smile, good teeth. Nothing shy about this one. And he just keeps smiliing at me. A potential partner. Again, lots of sexual energy. He’s putting out his wares for us to look at. He? Has chickens. Not eggs, chickens. And lots of things from the garden, squashes, pumpkins, kale (WTF?), golds, greens. Turns out he has a farm near the town. It is a small farm. He has plenty of his own money, is retired from some busy work life, the farm and its activities are for love and fun. And he keeps giving me the come hither eye… this man is vital, full of life, he will most likely LAST… He reaches his hand out towards me and puts a vision in my mind of the two of us on this farm, happy, busy, witches, partnered. A dream within a dream, now that’s a new one for me. He offers everything I’ve ever wanted. Is it real I wonder? Or is he a player?

My friend turns to me and says “They both think you are beautiful.”

The words “you will have choices” enter my head and I groan, I see the redhead sad faced, and I wake up.

All morning I’ve been musing on the symbolism here.

Grace is convinced the new partner is coming this fall and since spring is on its way out she might be right. I’m not going to ignore PP’s (potential partners) just because it’s the wrong time of year. But there it was, Autumn.

I see the king leaving this world (redhead) and the king in the prime of his life (brunette). One has lots of eggs but the other has chickens. I’m reminded of the parable of give a man a fish he eats that day, teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Eggs break. Eggs rot. Chickens just keep laying and when they don’t they feed us in other ways. I see the chicken / farm man as someone who has staying power in more ways than one. He has a permanent home and is settled down with security for his old age. Oh, and he? can provide engaging sex. Romps even. I’d be afraid the redhead would have a heart attack. The other (redhead) is still wandering, no security, nowhere to keep all his eggs and NO chickens, and is already in his old age.

Hmmm, which would you choose? If the redhead came first and you’d chosen him could you leave him for the obvious Something Better? One of the things we fear from a partner who isn’t certain? I think, for me, after making so many decisions based on not hurting the other person’s feelings, that I would have to do this for myself this time.

I find myself wondering if I’m going to have the dubious luxury of a choice to make this autumn. I’m going with the Chicken Man. If only…

2 thoughts on “Dreaming ~ prophecy?

  1. Intriguing! I can see myself going with red head because I felt sorry for him. Shows you how far along I am in my development, eh?

    The Autumn looks like it;s going to be super-exciting for you beweave – lucky girl.

    *laugh* I didn’t used to choose partners because Ii felt sorry for them but I certainly stayed with some because I did. The horrible ex-husband comes to mind first and fore most. Ingrate… I was so glad that I picked the one that felt energizing and empowering instead of energy sucking and anchoring…

  2. Well, the Autumn and the harvest might be references to phase o’ life, and not literal seasonal references. Also, my experience with dreams is that often when they pose an either/or choice, it is really a both/and. Somehow (in my version of this dream), the two men are two different (internal) pictures of how I will be partnered, how I may fare in this time of my life. The fact that the dream poses it as a chicken and egg proposition makes me think that there is a parity here, a secret twinning or a comment about value and worth that is mine to discover.

    Just some random thoughts. Interesting dream, though.

    Hi anne!

    That works too since I’m definitely in the autumn of my life… you seem to have interpreted my dream pretty much the way I did, with very different words.

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