Cancer This Week

From Free Will Astrology

As part of the arrangement your soul entered into before you were born, you were given the mission to accomplish five specific miracles. Three of these you have not yet even guessed the nature of. Why? For one thing, none of your elders or teachers ever named them for you while you were growing up. Secondly, you have been overly timid about imagining what you’re capable of. That’s the bad news, Cancerian. The good news is that you’re very close to the mystery spot where one of those undiscovered dreams has been moldering.

Oooooh.  Hmmmm, the first two must be sobriety, which is always a miracle for an alcoholic, and hmmmm. I don’t know…

2 thoughts on “Cancer This Week

  1. ohhhhh nice, Miracle Worker.

    I’m interested in his comment: None of them ever named them for you WHILE YOU WERE GROWING UP.

    (seems a clue might be in there somewhere???)


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