Hawthorns and other ramblings

In the Seattle area, the hawthorns always bloom about two weeks after May 1st. Traditionally, Beltaine is celebrated when the hawthorn blooms. I’ve always felt that Beltaine in my neck of the woods is two weeks later. Washington State is the furthest north of any of the continental United States (they don’t include Alaska it seems). While it is about a week late (the seasonal changes this year have been a week or two later than usual the past couple of years), it is, because it is nature, right on time…

Rain and hawthorns…

In front of Denny Hall. For you Amphybia…

You can see last autumn’s haws still clinging to the branch. (A hawthorn tree’s fruit is called a haw)

Studio Blogging – Muwahahahahaha

1 thought on “Hawthorns and other ramblings

  1. omg….SEE what happens when I don’t get to anyone’s blogs for a few days? LOLOL

    I’m sighing with pleasure here…….

    OK..I REALLY REALLY REEEEEEEEALLY MUST manifest a laptop for home. LOL Or get my PC fixed (although the desk for that – and the connection – is in my daughters room (my ex-office).


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