Hilarious if it wasn’t so frikking sad.

The boss just came by my office to tell me that he has decided to agree to the facilitated meeting but he wants to schedule it himself. He was visibly shaking, clearly totally pissed off, scared, repressing all of his feelings. I just smiled and said, great! Sure. Whatever you need to do. It didn’t matter to me who scheduled it. I suspect he’s planning on dialogue with the chosen intermediary to see if he can’t win her/him over. That he wants it to look like it is his idea and put himself in the best light he can. Not if you act like you just did Bub. Me smiling, agreeable, you acting like the jackass you are.

What is really astonishing is that he thinks he actually has a choice about the meeting. Go to the meeting or get fired is my guess. Har! He could have sent it in an email too. Cuz I? Would be perfectly happy not having to look at the face I have come to loath.

This person is my superior. Not.  How awful it must be to live in his skin.

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