There’s always hope sil vous plait

Oh. My. God/dess. Challenges, daily challenges. Regular readers know of which I speak. The Boss. Hmmm. I need a snazzy nickname for him. Similar to God’s Rottweiler.

  • Shithead
  • lizard breath
  • Dorkweasel
  • ICODC (Intellectually Challenged One Deserving Compassion)
  • Voice of Doom
  • Village Idiot

Your vote counts!

I’ve spoken with my parents about my Plan B. They were very supportive, liked my full plan, and told me of the day they both came home to tell each other they’d quit their jobs. hahahahaha. I needed that. Bad.

Plan A is to stick this out as long as possible and get them to pay for some new schooling. Talk to VI’s boss when she returns from Europe in a week and see if he is explaining things the way she intended (because he’s extremely bad at playing telegraph, he can’t pass on what he’s incapable of understanding).

Plan B from Outer Space

I quit as soon as current project is complete (I really do care about my clients), get my retirement money, get temporary and freelance webwork to keep from having to spend too much of my RM, and go back to school in the fall taking the same courses I want my current employer to pay for but be able to finish in shorter time instead of one class per quarter.

Then get back on with this employer in a different department and a new capacity.

I’ve sent out all the emails I need to send to help me decide on Plan A or B. I wait and hope he’ll swing soon.

Part of me is really intrigued with Plan B. I would get time off in between jobs and get a much better salary. Part of me would be scared not to have the security to pay my rent and car. Part of me worries about medical benefits.

ALL of me doesn’t want to work with asshats who micromanage me. I am not living in faith that this will take care of itself and that I will have victory. I might get more faith after I talk to the big kahuna. Yes, that might help a lot. Right now, I’m operating with not enough information. so can’t decide on which plan until then.

11 more days….

2 thoughts on “There’s always hope sil vous plait

  1. Hey! What did lizards do to deserve such a trashing? What about ABAT (Amoeba Brain At Work)?

    It’s good that you have a plan for either eventuality. Can you enrol on the course you want and start at any time? That’s a factor. If you can start at any time, it means you can get it lined up and ready so that if Plan B fails or looks like it is foundering, you can immediately switch to Plan A.

    Whatever, I wish you patience (for the next 11 days at least) and a good outcome.

  2. What you’ve done is thrown yourself on the Universe and you know she’ll come through for you. Brave, amazing person that you are!!

    Some things are so much more important; you’ve sorted out what’s important to you and SCREW everything else. This is how you seize happiness.

    I can’t wait to see what happens – bless you!

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