Dog days

It isn’t sunny it isn’t hot but I have the dog days syndrome. Not doing much of anything really. Stuff I need to do is getting done but that’s aboout it.

I did get one of the photographs that my brother took in Utah last week. And it’s gorgeous. A teaser for what is coming when the full album is complete.

Called in sick yesterday. Not really sick but not really well. Migraines off and on in the last 24 hours. Bleah. It was good to not be here to give TVI a taste of what it will be like to do the weekly e-newsletter without me. Since my student was here to assist and I’d completed it 98% Monday, it wasn’t that good a taste and it’s clear neither one of them proofed it because I looked this morning. But it’s good to put a little concern of the right kind into his mind. What would it be like without me?

Right now I’m enjoying listening to the birds, robins, red-wing blackbirds, baby crows, flickers, steller’s jay, bushtits, sparrows…

Trying to keep my game face on. The worst of it will be over by 5pm tomorrow. Then I go with my friend R to meet some of the faculty at the community college where she teaches and where she wants me to teach one of her classes as well as perhaps other classes. This was an interesting development from our conversation because I did put out into the universe that I would like to teach at a local c.c. just like a friend of mine does and here were go. I wasn’t even trying that hard on this one.

Next Tuesday I meet R’s business partner and we move forward on our plans.

Oh! One of the puttery things I’m doing is carving out a bit of office space in my teeny apartment. I’ve had a brilliant idea and as soon as I start to make it manifest I’ll send you all a photo.

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