Artsy Craftsy

The highspot of today is that my ebay win arrived. I started up a discourse with Jen of Schmaltzy Craftsy, the one makes the amazing pumpkin pincushions (my order went in today) and asked how she makes all those little leaves and things. I know my hands would be screaming before I was half way done.

Well, she used something called a paddle punch by Sizzix. Those paddle punches have been discontinued but you can still get them on ebay. Of course. There were some I just had to have. Crescent moon, star, pumpkin, cat, oak leaf, birch leaf, daisy, sun. I haven’t found a snowflake yet. I now have 32 paddle punches, a special hammer (although I’m sure my rawhide mallet would work just as well but it came with), and the mat. There are several paddle punches that don’t really strike my fancy but it was a bulk lot. A few others might work out, the rest I can sell or give away. The hand makes me think of the murals of the caves of Lascaux. Could be potential for a few others that I haven’t seen yet but I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with the ballon and ice cream cones. Some of them just don’t really have a home here.

I do have some plans. As soon as I realized I could do mini pieces I got excited. The first project is going to be a series of four little felt pictures, one for each season. They will only be about 8 x 8 and will hang on little dowels with acorn ends. A person could buy their favorite season or the whole set, display them all year or just one per season. That kind of thing. I’m pretty stoked. And cutting out all those little stars and pumpkins and leaves and cats? Aieeeeeee. This is the perfect solution.

I’ve got enough pouches to even make me happy. Finish up the wand bags and a couple pillows and pincushions (all new items wiccan themed) and I’m on to the little felt vignettes (short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea, or setting). These will be too cute to resist is my hope. At least I will have to have them on my walls. Don’t know about anyone else.

Goodness, when will that Wheel of the Year ever get finished? Probably this autumn when bigger wool projects are more enticing.

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