Best laid plans and all that

Had a couple mechanic friends and a tow truck friend look at the damage to my car last night.  Luckily we were all in the same place at the same time.  Here’s to sober mechanics and tow truck drivers…

The damage, while not looking bad at first glance, is about $3000 so I have filed a claim with my insurance company and notified the sweet little couple that alas, our original hopes are not to be and that my insurance company will contact them and work out the details.  Since my deductible is $500 I don’t come out any better cash wise but I will have my car good as new and that makes me happy.  It is also the right thing to do which also makes me very happy.

So, estimate on Thursday and then an appointment with the body shop.

I do so love my first ever new car, she is a beauty and drives like a dream.  She’s worth it.

Off to answer phones at 12 step intergroup and do my service for the month.  Time to work on my serenity levels, they could use some work.  And to remember that I am not the person calling in with a severe hangover and confused because once again they drank even though they swore they wouldn’t and they don’t know what to do.  Thank the Goddess that, no matter what, I no longer suffer from incomprehensible demoralization.

1 thought on “Best laid plans and all that

  1. I’m so very glad that nobody was hurt in your prang, and that you collided with such a pragmatic couple!

    Blessings, my dear. I hope you enjoy your leaving lunch – it’s the start of great things for you xxx

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