Did I mention…

…that I only have four days left?

I woke up this morning and found myself thinking that next Monday will probably feel very much different.  And I won’t be on vacation.   As much as I plan and intend and all that I find myself very eager to see what it feels like to be my own boss.  And I realize I always have been my own boss.  While anyone who has the power to hire and fire me might think they are my boss, the  reality is that I choose to be there where ever that there might be.

And from now on my attitude about who is my boss is different. How could it not be.

Who da boss? I’m da boss.

What is that going to feel like?

I have short timer’s disease like no one’s business.  OMG.  This is the last time I will have to get out this blasted enews.  This is the last time I will have to sit through his droning on and on about edits as if I can’t frikking read them.

I only have to get through one more meeting with him and I’m done.  I won’t even have to sit next to him at lunch on Thursday.  One more speech about how much he values my work.

I’m jumping for joy.  Jumping out of my skin.

What is it about my life that attracts so many weird men?  I’m not inclined to think it’s simply a Man Thing because I know so very many truly cool men.  But boy the weirdos do seem to show up in my life…  I’m gonna work on manifesting something else entirely asap.

1 thought on “Did I mention…

  1. I’ve been there honey, I used to be a professional cook for six years and it’s a man’s world – a crazy egomaniacal screaming swearing misogynistic man’s world… I got tired of being the salad and desert “girl”. So now I’m a librarian, a field that’s 90% female…muahahaha.

    Congrats on discovering you can take the reins and make changes for the betterment of your life and sanity! As for attracting crazy men, can’t help you there. They still find me too, but now I walk away from them and don’t make eye contact… it’s all about the eye contact.


    eye contact? bwahahahahaha 8 more hours and I see the plank no longer.

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