Dear Big Kahuni

When I gave my notice I contacted all the web clients (I think I told you this) and let them know I was leaving and had them send me as much as they could before my last day.  I knew there would be a temporary drought. And send they did.  They are very up to date and ready to go for a period of time without updates.  I am glad that this is so.  The site #4 is close to launch too.  Tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

It came to my attention this morning that our web clients have been told that we will no longer be providing services to them. I suspected something like this was happening. They were given nothing else except the fact that they can let their web files live on our servers as long as they like/need.  But with no updates or assistance. With Autumn quarter coming up this was hardly sufficient.  No contacts, no procedures, no migration assistance, no planning strategies.  Nothing.

While I was tempted to let this fall as it may, I simply spent far too much time creating goodwill with these people to leave them on their own in this manner. I hope you feel the same way and approve of my steps to smooth this.  I want them to complete their web experience with us with good thoughts and good will.  They are not just our clients but I consider them good colleagues and work friends of mine personally.

From the day I gave my notice The Village Idiot* has not included me in any conversations with them nor consulted with me on anything pertaining to these clients and their websites. I could have been so helpful to them.  It was a complete and utter shock to find that they were being set loose in such a manner after all we’ve done for them. Only days before I leave.

Today, acting upon this new information, I contacted all of the clients, save one, whose websites live on our server; site #1, site #2, site #3.  I have not contacted site#4 because that site is so new and perhaps, since it is our ex-director’s site, you might want to do this yourself.  I wasn’t sure.

I have had phone and email conversations with them to asses their needs and to discuss their plans or, in some cases, assist them in coming up with a plan.  They now have as much information as I can give them.  Hopefully it will cover what they will need, contact info, ftp info, etc. once they find a new home for their websites. I am also burning CD’s of their websites and sending those on so that they can move as quickly as they need to when they are ready.  They have MW’s info too because he can help them redirect URL’s, ftp their files, etc., when they are ready. **

I thought you would like to know that behind the scenes they are being helped.  And what the situation is in case that hasn’t really been made clear to you.


*of course I used his real name.  And the real names of the web clients…

** what I didn’t tell her is that if I can, i’m taking these clients with me.  They now have my new rates and contact information in case I can be of further assistance. And permission to contact me any time while they work through the migration.

P.S.  I’m feeling like a big ol’ hero right now.  When you first begin the conversation they are sad worried, and ta da! to the rescue and so much gratitude.  I can’t tell you how good I feel right now.

P.S.S. Big Kahuni called me into her office.  Or course she did.  After receiving my email she contacted TVI and asked him how things were going with the transition.  He said it was going fine and that he had a plan in place.  That the clients are very happy.  That they could hire work study to update their sites. That was all he told her.  No info on what the plan is.

I told her that one client thought they could access our server themselves and I said unless policy was changed, this was not the case that I was aware of.   If our IT person could give them access that was fantastic and perhaps then a work study student could edit the client site as was suggested.  I told BK that the other clients were already in the process of a mad dash to find a new server and new techs to handle their needs in a new department. The clients appear to be under the impression they need to move their files to a new machine when they find one.  I told her one was even talking about hiring an outside contractor to do their website.

I was congratulated on my professionalism and told that I was correct. These clients are professional colleagues of our department and BK and they must be handled with kid gloves.  These relationships exist outside the website matter. Thank you so much for all your help.

BK?  is furious.  All is right with the world.  She asked me for written proof that he was leaving them in a holding pattern.  And wonder of wonders I just got it.   In those exact words. Without even trying.

4 thoughts on “Dear Big Kahuni

  1. The man sounds like a complete plank! But at least it gives you a very nice, ready made set of potential clients for your new business, and that is excellent news. The Goddess helps them who help themselves (and their clients)!

  2. He came in to talk to me about matters that we are supposed to discuss tomorrow. I told him I was in the middle of a big project and that since we had a meeting scheduled for tomorrow AM on that exact topic that we could discuss it tomorrow. I had to tell him that THREE times.

    Finally I said “Look, you have been contacting my clients for weeks without talking to me about any of it. When they ask me questions, what am I supposed to say to them? I am very angry with you and I don’t appreciate your behavior one bit. We will discuss this matter tomorrow at 10. ”


    Then he gives my the checklist for departing employees. Which God’s Rottweiler gave me three weeks ago and which is 90% done. As if I could do that three page list in 2 days.

    Plank is right. Fucktard works too.

  3. I am cosistently flabbergasted by your revelations about this person. I don’t know how he does it. I’d have killed him if he was my boss – can you imagine having such a nonentity as a husband? I’d die of shame.

    Me too. What is really amazing is that his wife? Was my boss right before him. She told everyone here we’d just LOVE him. We couldn’t see it at all but she was so gushing and we respected her so much that we tried. After 30 years of marriage she still doesn’t see who he is. Which at this point, for her, is probably a blessing.

  4. The power of love. Gods save us from this! I agree it’s a blessing she can’t see what he is, but on the other hand you could see it as a huge curse. Love is blind, in this case!

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