A feeling of exhileration

Just hit me.  In one breath I suddenly realized it really is almost over.  A pleasant lunch with the gang who said very nice things about me, a nice little cash gift, a launch of a beautiful new website, and with very little left to do, I’m so out of here. The physical leaving will happen tomorrow.

Tomorrow I get papers signed to deal with my savings, I get my hair cut, I dink around…  (had my car damage estimate today, under $1400 but I think they’ll find some extra damage when they remove the fender and see that my friend forced the bumper skin back in place but it’s teeth are torn…)

I feel very odd.  Is this what freedom feels like?  Shivers? Chest expansion? Adrenalin?

Woo doggies.  Good thing it only comes in bits and bops.  Or I’d burst.

One last piece on the TVI.  He just left for his vacation and I will never see him again, at least not in this place.

The Big Kahuni called us into her office.  She is so torced.  She’s talking about how the clients mean the world to her and this failure to communicate is causing her great concern.  And she wants it over and done with.  NOW.  Not another word.  Easy enough really since I’m…  what? What am I?   LEAVING.

She’s being diplomatic and so addressing both of us (and maybe me to an extant, everyone does play some part in the play and I’ve been sorely tempted of late) but mostly it was towards TVI.  She says her bit and I’ve been nodding and looking concerned and have added a couple comments. She turns to TVI and says “What do you have to say about this?”  He says nothing.  NOTHING.  *blink*  *blinkblink*  She looks at him and says “Why aren’t you saying anything, why are you just sitting there making weird faces?”


He says the same thing over and over again about how he told them we are in limbo and that we can probably get them access to their sites.  He can’t see how useless it is.  He can’t see how what he’s told the clients is of no use to them at all. If he had talked to me they would have had access two weeks ago and had a week of training and two weeks of hand holding.  By me.

How does this man function inthe world?  How did he manage to raise so many kids?  How did he manage to keep an intelligent, beautiful, witty, critical thinking wife?  What happens when he lays down to sleep?  Does he?  Sleep?

We were instructed to go share. So I told him what I think he needs to do to fix this situation (but he can’t yet because he just left on vacation so the clients sit and wait in the echoing silence that will be my absence).  I tell him that I can’t for the life of me figure out why he has refused to use me as a valuable resource, that he never had to do this alone, that working as a team is a good thing.  Why has he never come to me for help with anything that is clearly in my purview?  I have never understood that I tell him. He says he’s sorry.  Yeah, okay, whatev.

Done. Over. Fini.  Woo the Fucking HOO!!!!!

1 thought on “A feeling of exhileration

  1. FANTASTIC picture. That says it all. You’ve done so well – and that feeling you feel is the same one a lion feels as the door is opened on her cage and she looks out across the Serengeti… all those zebras to kill and eat, hehheh! 🙂


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