Kurwa mac

Which means “holy shit” in Polish and is stolen completely from Under the Tuscan Sun which is currently my favorite movie.

I sent one final email to HR stating that my first email was my final statement on the situation at TD and that I would not be available for further comment.

SO fucking done. How do I say THAT in Polish?

4 thoughts on “Kurwa mac

  1. If my Polish grandmother was still alive, I’d ask her for you. Although she may not have appeared to be the type of woman who would say such things, I bet she did. Or at least thought them. In fact, I’m pretty sure that most of the Polish she threw at my brothers and I when we were misbehaving involved swearing of some kind. 😉

  2. Buffalo~ I know! I can never find a latin translator either.

    Robin~ I bet did. That’s a great kind of grandmother.

    Katherine~ Evidently not. And the cards say this is a lull, it ain’t over. I’m just not going to play this time. Just not going to play.

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