The reply

I come home to this request from the very man I am defending:

Thank you for your efforts and kind words here – I really appreciate that. May I request that you check with HR before sending any material to Shithead? I don’t know what consequences that may have this point and sure don’t want to cause any trouble for you or complicate matters with Shithead…. If they said it is ok, then do as they recommend, but please check first. Im cc’ing HR on this note.

My response, which included all cc’d including HR (who until M’s reply did not have my statement)

Thanks M.,

As ever you give useful advice. I would not want to do anything that might jepordize yours or TD’s position. I can respect that. I had hoped to edit that letter after my meeting with HR to address items more specifically and to let her know about the letter in my interview on Monday but c’est la vie. I certainly hope that this does not forfeit our interview Monday and that it will proceed as planned. Now, if she wanted to talk to me about The Village Idiot, which is what I thought she was calling me about, I’m there. I have a stake in that matter.

That said, as it pertains to me, and it clearly does now, I find Shithead’s inclusion of me in this matter to be beneath contempt. I have to fend for myself now. To name me officially as a witness or an ally (he would never claim me as an enemy, he would ignore my existence in that case and therefore I would not be having this conversation) in a legal matter without consulting me, to imply that I made statements or hold opinions that I never made or held or that I can be relied upon to verify his claim, is this close to libel or slander (depending on the form, I’m assuming written). Since these matters are going to be of legal record, if only in the employer and attorney files, I find myself very involved. This makes it very personal.

Let’s have it all out on the table shall we?

I intend for him to fully understand the situation. I will consult with my own attorney on this matter but let me tell you all that I have been here before with a similar matter at the employer when another employee, seeking monies in a fraudulent manner, stated that I had said and done things I did not do, that I was a favorable witness and when I was not favorable, they told lies about my personal life. I was called in to a legal deposition in the employer President’s office with all attorneys and witnesses present to address certain “facts” that were anything but and that included another employee and were completely humiliating to me. Thankfully this current interview precedes a deposition and I intend to keep it that way. This will not happen to me again without warning. I want it clear from the start, in writing, that I will not be deposed for the plaintiff, EvS, under any circumstances, and that I am a hostile witness to him.

I will, however, stand as a witness for the employer in this matter if it comes to that.

I’ve really had enough of the drama and trauma. Oh my god, you have no idea how finished I am with this stuff. Expletive deletive done. While I would love to return to the employer in a part-time capacity some time soon I am this close to burning a bridge. I have no more patience for this crap. If I can be of assistance in my own personal matters with CSDE then by all means, you may rely upon me, but this business is absolutely ridiculous and must be nipped in the bud.

Erich von Schiller? Will not be calling me as a witness on his behalf from this day forth. I would be more than agreeable to send this to his attorney if I had that information but I do not. So, off to him it will go to pass on to his people as he will find he must. It merely corrects his misconception that I see him as he sees him. I only state what I witnessed. It is only my opinion. And it should end the matter where I am involved.

Thank you but I am done

I am so frikking done. I know that the part time job I find at the employer will not be at this department. How could it be?

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