Green Bags

I was skeptical.  I hate tv ads.  In fact over a month ago I got rid of my cable connection. I have a tv but it only works with the dvd player now, I get no reception for tv here.  But those green bags (turn down your sound if you click the link) started showing up at my local grocery store.  They were expensive.  Then one day my mom brought by some produce in a green bag.  And it lasted much longer than I thought.

I’ve started using green bags now too.  I found a box on sale, still somewhat expensive but if my produce doesn’t go bad in days but weeks and I can reuse the bags, in the end it isn’t more expensive.  I can’t believe it.  I put organic strawberries in one and then in the fridge on Friday. They are as good today as they were Friday. And that?  Never happens.  Strawberries go bad just looking at them it seems.

And this week, given a little more sun? My blackberries will be ready for harvest.  I am so very glad that we didn’t have a scorcher of a summer this year and that we did get the occassional rain. It means the difference between tons and tons of blackberries (free and organic and not ruined by car exhaust) withering on the vine before harvest or sitting in containers in my freezer waiting to be made into cobblers and syrups and the like.  Or to be used like ice cubes.  Put frozen berries in your iced tea or lemonade.  Yuuuummmmmmm.

Just a happy consumer.  Of bags and berries…

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