I woke up this morning

feeling cranky and confused and in a state of what the heck am I supposed to be doing???

As soon as I woke up enough to get out of bed I made some tea (my current favorite is Celestial Seasonings “honey vanilla white tea chai”) and sat down the couch. Thumbed through a magazine on holiday crafts, not really getting into much. Still wondering what I want to do. No energy…

Got online and there was a response to my offer to teach free workshops to our local witch meetup group.  That was the catalyst.  I’ve scheduled and reserved rooms at two local libraries for the full day.  This will give us 7 hours to make one robe each.  And now I seem to have energy for my day.

It is quite clear that I need structure in my day or I get a low-grade depression.  Time to start thinking about how I want to go about this… 

I will do some sewing that has been calling my name today.  I will look online for a job. I will do some organizing of seasonal decorations and see what I want to use this year.  Tonight I go to my recovery meeting.

Okay.  This I can do. And like it.  Not bad for a Monday.  I need to remember today.

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