OLOTEAS last Saturday

Saturday was a lovely sunny day. Warm but not hot.  My friend Ruth and I went on over to OLOTEAS.  It was a long day, we could have gone over later.  There wasn’t much going on and most folks were in the pool or inside. Ruth and I sat outside in the shade and talked, stitched (me), perused Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner (Ruth).  This was her first pagan/Wiccan event/ritual ever.  I have lent her a good beginner’s book (she said pick ONE), the Scott Cunningham.

I have a few friends who came and hung out for bits of time but no one remembers me much from when I used to go with Narcissus.  Who, by the way, was thankfully not in attendence.  So basically I get to start over which is lovely. 

This month’s ritual was not Wiccan but more Goddess oriented.  Just at dusk they lit the tiki torches and a central bonfire.  We processed in to the lovely standing stone circle at the Longhouse Spiritual Retreat in Redmond, WA.  The five priestesses were garbed in white and were wearing circlets of herbs and summer flowers from the site.  The intent was to send out energy to support the global food system and environment.  Cakes and ale were blackberries from the property picked that afternoon and raspberries from a local organic grower.  It was a lovely ritual.  I turned to Ruth when it was over and her eyes were just sparkling.  She said it was everything she had hoped it would be. Can’t ask for more than that.  What a priviledge to be able to take her to that and how wonderful of the Lord and Lady to set it up so well.

September 14th is our local Pagan Pride day, another opportunity to make new friends.  I’m looking forward to this event as well and will probably go with Ruth. 

I am looking forward to September 27th.  It is the annual Concentric Circles event.  Local groups, especially those looking for new members, will be casting circles and doing ritual in 2-3 locations throughout the day.  There will be workshops and merchants (I’ll be one of those).  Typically a large group of pagans come out to that event that don’t go the rest of the year. It will be a wonderful opportunity to run into old friends and meet new ones.  Ruth might bring her daughter who wanted to hear all about the event.  It’s going to be a  blast, I can hardly wait. 

And suddenly I see opportunities to take up my time.  I need to finish up some pouches etc…  Hmmm.  Maybe today is the day to sit down and make a calendar and list of what I want on my plate for the coming month.  This will help me know in the morning when I awake what that day brings.  Yes, that is the ticket.  So…  Wand bags and hats and pillows, here I come…

1 thought on “OLOTEAS last Saturday

  1. I’ve decided I’d rather go to Valhalla when I die, so I can get drunk every night in the great hall of the warriors and belch and fart and tell bad jokes.

    I don’t HAVE to go to Summerland just because I’m Wiccan, do I? It seems so peaceful…..so…..TAME!

    You and the wife would sooo get along………..

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