Always a step ahead

Couldn’t help myself. Woke up thinking I was going to get to some sewing and ended up wiling away an hour making seasonal changes to the blog…

Summer didn’t return this morning as promised, we might just have to face facts that this was less of a growing season that we wanted.  I’m preparing for higher prices on the grains and produce…  Which has already happened due to gas prices. Which is now below $4 in my area, WTF???

Going to put out the autumn decor this week as well as finish the new black linen pants and banner.  I’ve got several bags to finish, both tarot and wand, and a couple hats possibly before Concentric Circles.  I work better when it’s not hot so this helps me if not my blackberries, which just need 2 days of good ol hot summer to finalize juicing up.  This rain might ruin them.  Good thing I have some stashed in the freezer…  I needs me some cobbler vera soon.

Off to putter through my day as I wait for the frikking phone to ring inviting me for an interview.  In the process of transferring my domain names to my new web hosting service, my websites were down for at least 24 hours.  Perhaps they went to my sites and thought, this gal don’t know her shit… Hmmmm.

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