Miss Mitty is Passing on The Chai Story

Two months ago a 10 year old lab, Chai, was playing with a red rubber ball.  The ball had a hole in it and his tongue got stuck in the hole. There was no second hole in the ball to release pressue and the ball became a vacumm. Long story short, Chai lost his tongue and after 2 months is still trying to recover.  The story is tough to read, the one vet image almost impossible to view, and the videos even harder. 

If you have a dog and buy them red rubber balls as toys I highly recommend that you boycott the balls from Four Paws until they not only give retribution to the numerous folks who’s beloved dogs have suffered because of a design flaw.  If you find rubber balls with the same design flaw I hope you boycott them too. 

There is an email address and pre-written letter that you can send to Four Paws telling them of your boycott.  I did this and added that I have a well-read blog and am passing this information around to everyone I can.  HIt them where it hurts, their wallets.

The Chai Story


Miss Mitty, She Who Doesn’t LOVE Dogs Per Se But Understands What It’s Like To Be An Innocent Victim And Caused Irreparable Harm

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