Sarah Palin’s Banned Book List

I simply can not verify it, try as I might and as much as I would like to give her credit for it.  I received an email today with the list but before posting the list to my blog I went around trying to find a reliable source.  I could not.  The only reliable source I found states that this rumor is categorically untrue.  Darn it. I’ve relied upon them for years to debunk urban legends and alas, or is it yay!?, this is a rumor and an urban legend…

4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin’s Banned Book List

  1. It has been researched there and found to be patently false. A question asked a librarian was answered and the subject put to rest, and no list was ever made nor any request made to ban books. It is quite possible that a fundamentalist friend of Palin’s might have wanted to know if Palin would entertain such a thought, to be otherwise educated as to the legality and the pissing contest that would ensue if she dared try do such a thing.

    This is just something overblown and used for nefarious purposes.

    And no, I do NOT trust Sarah Palin.

  2. According to a report I read today, a former librarian that has knowledge of the incident, or alleged incident, is refusing to talk about it. Says she doesn’t want to be involved.

    Kudos for trying to check it out. Too many bloggers seem to have no interest whether something is true; only that it fits there philosophy and agenda.

  3. LOL, whether it’s real or not, it’s rather amusing!

    The thing we’re finding perplexing is why it’s ok for Palin to call soccer moms “bulldogs with lipstick” but it’s so wrong for Obama to call policies “pigs with lipstick”? Makes one wonder what we’re not being told about the delightful Ms Palin? 😉

    I do hope Obama doen’t cave in to the stupidity of some of the Repiblican jibes by trying to become ‘politically correct’ and mealy-mouthed – the man’s an orator and they are trying hard to hit him where it hurts – in the speeches.

    Goddess help us if the Republicans get in and dear old McCain falls off his perch; it doesn’t even bear thinking about. :-[

  4. Mereth, you might want to check into Obama a bit. There is no way he’ll cave. Not a mealy mouthed gene in him. Finally a candidate with character and a backbone. It’s just not likely.

    Obama caving isn’t my fear. The problem is the people who vote based on fear tactics. All the Republican party has to do is hit their buttons and we’re toast. It’s how Bush “won” and they’re doing it again in hopes that it work thrice.

    As for Palin, even if there is no book list, the fact that she asked about banning books makes her extremely scary. She says she’s going to drill in Alaska, McCain says they’re not. McCain says another 100 years in Iraq. What we actually know about them is scary enough without worrying about what they might do in private.

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