2 thoughts on “Damn, I loves you people

  1. When THAT pic popped up, I almost had a heart attack! Is that a smile or a snarl?

    My work is done. ROFL!

    When I first saw it MY first thought was, “Dang, look how clean his teeth are!” and busted out laughing. This shot slays me. Get it? Slay? *nudge*

    Seriously it is a smile, in a fish eye lens is my guess. My brother’s neighbor’s dog and my nephew’s buddy. Perhaps it is because it is a FRENCH dog that you’re not sure. 😉 It’s the eyes that give away the happy doggie goodness. And the bent foreleg, you can tell he’s dancing albeit on his back. At least that is what I tell myself since the next photo he was sitting face to face with said nephew.

  2. Right on both counts, it’s a smile (we promised her some very stinky cheese…) and a fisheye lens. Probably the nicest dog in Burgundy, maybe all of France. And she does have nice, white teeth, which is definitely not the case with those English dogs. But her armpits are hairy.

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